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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 10, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> jason: 8:00 now on our wednesday morning. a chilly morning out there. not only air temperaturewise but we've got gusting winds and that is knocking several degrees off of temperatures around the region. notice it is colder in the western half of the region. the eastern half still protected by the mountains but some of the cold arctic air is making its way down and around up the new river valley and on into the roanoke valley. the air tower, excuse me. it feels like single dinlit temperatures and subzero temperatures as we head into tomorrow morning. the details and the full pinpoint forecast.
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right now. >> kyle: and thanks for joining us for the fourth this morning police in rocky mount are searching for the man who they say robbed the family pharmacy. officers identified the suspect as joshua wayne cundiff of boones mill.cundiff allegedly pull a gun on the pharmacist and demanded employee pulled a gun in self defense. during the getaway - police tell us - the worker fired at least one shot - as the robber took off in a pickup truck. police seached a wooded area around the pharmacy, but did not locate cundiff. they believe left the area. wfxr news is your local election headquarters and the latest numbers are coming in from the nation's first presidential primary. and coming out on top--donald trump and bernie sanders. fox news correspondent, caroline shively, has the latest on last night's primary results from new hampshire.
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wins for anti-candidates in both parties... but it didn't come as a surprise."sanders says: "it is just too late, for the same old, same old establishment politics, and establishment economics." a big win for senator bernie sanders after his narrow loss and a big blow to hillary clinton's clinton says: "i know i have some work to do particularly with young people, but i will repeat again what i have said this they are not supporting me them." but ... race is far from over for clinton."i would be very letting this define the after a loss in iowa... donald trump got the looking for. trump says: "we're going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina." senator marco rubio just couldn't recover debate performance...rubio says: "so not wind up where we wanted to
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the end of this process." governor john kasich came out with a strong second place tell you. there is so much that happen. if you don't have a get one." but it may be lowry says: "look there are only two guys who've one everyone is else has been in fifth place finishes." from here ... there is a ten day break in the voting then republicans go to the polls in south carolina... and the democrats in nevada. in manchester, new hampshire, caroline shively, fox news. every four years, washington and lee university hosts mock con - a convention aimed at predicting who the party currently out of office will nominate to run for president of course, this time around it's the republican party which has been accurately forecast by mock con since 1948.wfxr's taylor kanost is live and lee university in
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that streak this weekend. good morning. there's a lot of excitement not only on the campus of washington and lee, but all of lexington for the 26th mock convention. more than 1,500 washington and lee undergraduates will act as delegates in a mock republican convention to ultimately determine who will get the
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organizers raised nearly a half million dollars for research on procedures, create this convention hall, hold an opening parade, and book some big-name political speakers such as former vice president dick cheney and former speaker of the house newt gingrich among others. this event has proven to be pretty darn accurate by correctly predicting 19 of 25 presidential elections since this all began back in 1908. the event begins tomorrow evening and continues through saturday. you can catch a live feed of the event at joining us now with more on the presidential campaign is the chairman of the political science department at hollins university, ed lynch.ed, what did we learn out of the new hampshire results?ohio governor john kasich came in second. is this a momentary blip, or does this move him up in the standings?for the republicans,
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republicans, who for the republicans, who do you expect to leave the race?on the
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democrat side, bernie sanders trounced hillary clinton. is this a sign of things to come?we hear rumors of a clinton staff
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are seriously worried?young people are embracing sander's
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women. why are >> kyle: all right, welcome back to "good day, virginia". we're in the kitchen with good friend chef chef who just returned from the midwest tour. >> yes, i was in chicago last week. a fun-filled really great week. it was fantastic! >> good! and looking to reenergize with breakfast. usually everyone dishing up the dinner meal but now we're talking breakfast because we need to. >> because we need to and one of the most trending popular things out right now is brunch. so this is perfect brunchy type of thing. and then have special requests from one of the cameramen and he wanted breakfast and wanted french toast and i thought we'll hook him up and do something cool. >> you have a lot of ingredients. the typical is toast and bread in the pan? >> we have a little going on
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we have cream cheese and will mix that until it's soft. it won't take long at all, particularly with this and into that we'll add some pineapple gm and preserves or whatever you can find and what we're doing today has a tropical undertone. >> okay. >> so you can use any flavors that you want, but this is what we're doing is definitely tropical undertones. so pineapple, cream cheese and mix that together and just form really, really nice and how hard is that? >> less than 10 seconds! >> yeah. >> and then you know how to crack an egg with one hand? >> no, i can't craig eggs. i have my wife crack the eggs. >> i'll show you how to do it and it's really simple. i have more eggs on the commercial break and we'll go crack about 100 eggs. but you tap it on the smooth surface and then you almost do like a scisors action with your fingers and boom.
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>> kyle: looky >> how easy is that? >> you're a trained professional. >> we'll have the batter mixed with salt. any time you do anything with eggs, whether sweet, savory, doesn't matter. you need to put a little salt in. if you don't, you'll have a flat favor and this rounds it out. we like rounded out flavors. along with a bit of vanilla. if you want cinnamon or something welcome to and then some milk. >> exactly. and then, since we're doing a stuffed french toast, this is going to be interesting. i have texas toast and it doesn't matter. take your favorite bread and take a spoon. >> i'm curious how you'll stuff the french toast. >> and it is about two table spoons going in the middle. and just spread it around. doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. >> it's going to be more of a
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>> we're making a sandwich! >> okay. so boom. into the batter. >> nice and battered. >> put it in the pan with a little bit of butter. if you'll put aingly cooking spray and don't want to let this sit too long but want it to sit a few seconds to absorb a little bit of that. >> kyle: sure. >> and moving right into the pan, okay?
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>> so this is (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> 20 minutes after 8:00 and see the snow shower making its way on in and that is back here with the light snow shower action and it is to have more scattered snow showers and it's chilly with the temperatures climbing into the mid20s in blacksburg and down into the teens, quickly as we go through the evening and overnight. now with the colder temperatures tonight and some gusty winds, we'll have a wind chill advisory in play and we'll show you that in just a second.
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the 15 mph wind and it is feel like it's down and at least as we go through the day in roanoke and head through the overnight. 13 in hot springs and also in bleemfield and 19 in martin violence and 25 in danville. here's what it actually feels like when you factor in the winds. 10 in roanoke. 3 below in hot springs. 2 below in bloomfield. there will be a lot of subzero temperatures heading into tomorrow morning. so get ready for that. it is going to be a brutally cold morning. as arctic air finally makes it past the mountains and starts to settle into much of the region and it's been blockaded by the mountains and tried to make its way on in but will creek through the passes and around the back side through the new river valley and up through the day today. winds will start to crank up as that system pulls away and that
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that's the icy blue color and expecting wind chills from 20 below to 5 below through the overnight tonight and wind chill advisory going until 10:00 tomorrow morning and that means out at the bus stop so maybe more school delays tomorrow as well. so here's the snow showers showing in blacksburg with snow scattered showers and much along the western-facing slopes up the mountains as we go through the day today and there you go. see that on the future cast. and the upper level low bringing us this persistent flow, and these rounds of snow showers over the next couple of days will finally pull away as we go through the day and into tomorrow. and that is going to bring nicer conditions as far as not having to deal with the thursday. the quick clipper is going to spawn another coastal low as we head on into the day on friday. there you go. starting to spot it and that cold front approaching from the west with the round of snow showers and there you go. that coastal low going to wrap up quickly and moving on out of here and it will drag that much
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on into the weekend. the temperatures are back down into teens and 20s and it's to central virginia and jumping the gun a little. temperatures in the mid30s and heading on into the south side and about the same story for and that is in to bottom out for tomorrow and the quick bump up on friday with the systems approaching and the winds out of the south and the temperatures in the mid30s and right back in the deep freeze for the weekend. >> reporter: comparatively speaking friday is shorts weather? >> especially once we head into the weekend. teens and 20s for highs. single digits overnight and
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>> as always head over to for the latest on jason's forecast and the latest sports and news headlines. stick around. it's work out wednesday.
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but here in spirit and we'll january keaton is off today, but that >> kyle: january keaton is off today but that doesn't mean she escaped work out wednesday. this week the greenridge recreation center shows her how
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>> welcome to the green ridge recreation center. today we'll use the lovely trx and focus on burning out shoulders, arms, quadraceps and at the same time working on our core. vijanuary in the lovely contraption, you see. i have it strapped down to the very bottom. and then you see the straps and january, you'll walk out to a plank. so knees come up and make sure your bottom is up. bring your bottom down just a little bit. there you go. now give me a push up. bring your knees in, in, in, in, in, in. there you go. down on the ground. down on the ground. in the pushup position. do your pushup. now bring your knees in. there you go. bring it in as far as you can. there, perfect! pushup and then knees in, knees in. feel that in your stomach? i bet you do. >> and going to get your heart rate going.
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one foot out and put it in other strap and this is what i want you to step up and make sure you remember you have the foot back there and so you'll be in a lunge and it's called a burpee blaster. you lunge, hands on the ground and jump back with the other foot and back here, jump up. you ready? >> no! >> get ready. come on up and get the grounding. >> i don't have any balance. >> this will help with that, too. now come down and do a burpee. so down, jump up with the foot back and there you go. bring it back up. now jump up in the air! so once you get better. >> and with no legs.
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the time. >> so back down. and jump back with that foot. bring it back up. and just there we go! >> perfect! awful! >> you do at least 10 on each leg. okay? all right, last thing we're going to do. we'll take the foot out and i'm going to bring these straps up. >> i'm horrified, by the way, if you can't tell. >> you're doing great! doing great! next thing. hands are going to go and a lot of time easier to put one inside the other and have to hold on to one. you'll lean back and what you'll do is pull up. arm out and pull up. called a power pull. you want the weight on your heels and let your face turn in that direction and then pull up. >> all right. >> and olding on there with one hand.
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>> oh, i have trust issues! >> there you go. now get that good stretch to the side and arm out strength and reach up to pull and there you go. keep going. so you're getting a good bicep work out at the same time but try to keep it tight when it gets right there and controlled. there we go! and this same thing, you want to do this probably 5-10 times on each arm until you really feel it. you won't feel it in the beginning and you really have to work on it. that's it! that's all we got to do today. you did great! high 5! >> whoo! >> thanks for joining us so much. tune into work out wednesday next week! >> kyle: better her than us, i guess. >> i'm exhausted just watching that! >> kyle: right! my shoulders hurt. it's intense. the only workout i'll do today is lift the fork to the mouth. >> jason: that french toast looks good.
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we'll be back >> jason: it is very cold out this morning. the temperatures in the teens and 20s. gusty winds taking a solid 10-15 and sending it down to zero in hot springs and 1 in bloomfield and - 1 in witville. there will be a lot of subzero temperatures as we head on into tomorrow morning. a wind chill advisory is in
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for today, just some more snow showers and some harsh windchills and the temperatures in the low 20s and 30 for the highs. it will be a cold couple of days coming up. the details in the full pinpoint return. >> kyle: thanks for joining us here on "good day, virginia". 8:34 on your wednesday morning. i'll kyle benjamin. police in danville want to know who stabbed a puppy last week. wfxr's sophia burr elli went to see how the puppy is doing and when the dog will be ready for adoption. >> reporter: this pup is already full of energy and recovering at the danville area humane society. paulette dean said she was stabbed in the back with what some believe was a knife. >> i am horrified. >> after police responded to a call about an injured dog, they got in touch with the humane
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the care she needed. >> unfortunately paulette says with the years that she's been a director here at the shelter, this is not the first time she's seen this kind of animal cruelty come through these doors, and then after almost 24 years on this job i have seen many horrifying thing. >> reporter: police are still trying to piece together why anyone would want to hurt this puppy. >> that's going to be part of the investigation to see if it was on purpose or accidentally or if any charges can be made. >> and the $100 reward with information on within involved in the crime and she's looking for a homeowner and name for the dog. >> we don't suggest a couch popaito. someone who likes to get out
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>> reporter: right beside her to love and care for her. i'm sophia. >> and you'll be accepting applications starting friday. if you're interested in pursuing adoption, head to sophia has all the details. this morning owners in roanoke and then they're both on the city council right now and vying for the mayor's job. wfxr spoke to lee about his last minute push to the phone. >> the other day we spoke to the other democratic cand daitrunning for mayor in -- candidate running for mayor in roanoke but they say one thing is for certain. they want to encourage everyone to get out and vote. pep pep with less than a week to go they're campaigning what is the motto throughout. strong and steady.
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and it is just to make the logistical we encourage them and though the weather is killy this week i'm pleased the deficit will be put forth. >> lee said the main concern is vote are turnout. >> but this election same deal. it is not until you go. >> worried somuent change until the primary and have to go to the bergland center instead of the formal polling locations. and now announcing the run for mayor and this primary could well determine who the gray in roanoke will be. wfxr news. >> reporter: all right, you never know when an emergency will hit and that's why you have ah ways be repaired and you should know the risk and
8:29 am
mars a stone, the emergency and then what kind of emergencies do people need to be and that includes power outages great until closed hours. people also aren't as concerned about attacks that help in the community so we're making our own preparedness and that's specific to their home and their needs. >> which of these people put in the emergency because obviously there are generic things everyone should have and individualized pieces. >> we wanted them to have something they can easily carry and for the backpack and that's easy to do. toilet paper and things you need for personal hygiene. a first aid kid. we have ointment. band and and then most people carry extra med occasions in their back but they want them to have plenty in prescriptions. the first day supplies and
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shelter. emergency ponchos. we have food we like to eat. we used to say smam all the time but it let's you wipe the east but things like tuna and are easy to repair. we want to make sure they have a candidate to use. the duct tape now people live on the emergency and then if it the power was out starting to think about animals and the engineer preparedness for animals, babies, eldare -- preparedness and babies that need it to take care of. the emergency lighting and whistles maybe. >> we also have vaintings coming down for. >> that's right and then literally have an infectious disease and then it's the mask and then the cover is just to
8:31 am
and being ecposed to germs. we also have antibiactial a.on a once in awhile to make sure after you're exposed to people disease. >> kyle: how long are they planning to stay? >> with the large-scale disaster and emergency, the first responders may be dealing with the actual event that caused the disaster. we want to make sure you're resilient for the 72 hours so 3 days. >> reporter: all right, marsie, thank you very much. the latest on the webets and where you can go for virginia. be ready for cold temperatures. >> it's cold this morning and out for the quick walk before heading to work and errands. make sure to bundle up with the hats and the jacket and the
8:32 am
move out with that sunshine. it's windy and cold as we go into the afternoon with the high near 30 in roanoke. mid30s will do it for lynchburg today. a few flurries possible and otherwise windy and cold and stays that way heading overnight into tomorrow. details on the wind chill advisory and the mass we've seen since last february with the full world in play in just a couple. >> reporter: we're mising the latest from french toast. we'll plate it up for us and then enjoy the nice warm day in
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stick around. every wonder what nature valley is made of? that's w wt we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars.
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>> hi, we're back in the kitchen with chef jeff from u.s. foods. he's stirring up some mangos for our stuffed french toast and the mangos themselves smell fantastic! >> yes, they do. fresh mango is the most popular fruit in the world. >> really? i didn't know that. >> yeah. most popular fruit in the world. in america we would think strawberries or something like that but worldwide mango is the most popular fruit. >> kyle: is it seasonal year round? >> because it's tropical fruit
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and then we have a bit of butter or a lot of butter depending on how healthy you want to be. and saute the mangos and the butter just for a second and we'll take some rum. >> okay. why not? >> because, hey, it's brunch! it's brunch! >> hey, this is a specific rum. not just the brand but oh, dear! i was not expecting that! >> and then it's advanced. >> this is the coconut rum but you can use any type you can use rum flavoring or anything at all. >> you have to have the and it is into this with that sugar and it is xlt for this week and the summer time breakfasty food with the
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>> and it is going to be with what we say and it is really special and hit it with a little bit and it is to then it's over the topical french toast and then smells so good and smells so good. >> kyle: there's a line outside the door already of the staff at wfxr already waiting to get in and try some. and go to and go to u.s., food tons of recipes and information and something really special going on. so food fanatics, we're culinary experts and we're the go-to person for culinary information and inspiration and
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tonight at the nicu unit doing the valentine's day dinner for the families over there. >> great. and i've had maternity food recently. and it is going to be down there tonight and there is nothing more precious than our children and food tanatics is really going to be all about giving back to the community and the country. looking forward to that with a lot of fun. >> what's on the menu? >> we're doing italian so a things. reservations? >> and then it is going to
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>> and it is pure maple syrup. and you saw the reaction it's like wow! that's what you're looking for. >> kyle: that's good stuff. i'm going to take this french toast. jason is back with weather and
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thank you, >> jason: 10 minutes at 9:00 and one more check of the full weather here as we go through the day today and still that winter weather advisory and the
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peristent snow showers in the higher elevations. the wind chill advisory overnight tonight into tomorrow and have some cold temperatures in the teens and 20s. factor in the winds and feels like it's below ze hotsprings and bloomfield and the temperatures right now are very cold going throughout the day today. tonight air temperatures down into the teens with gusting winds and that wind chill advisory and it feels like it's down between 5 this afternoon and below zero and it is going to be school delays tomorrow and then then it's going to collect that stuff and be very careful out on the roads. likely to see some slick spots, especially bridges and overpasses with all the typical places we're talking about over the last couple of days we've
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it will begin to pull away as we go throughout the day today and not before we pick up more snow with the western-facing slopes and the higher elevations. the mix of clouds and sun for the rest of us as we go throughout the day and still snow showers this evening and before it all starts to wind down as that system pulls away into thursday and thursday very quiet for us. now this leads us into our friday and going into friday the potent alberta clipper going to make its way in our direction and at the same time the models spinning up the new coastal low with its own strength to it and between the 2 of those we could find a swath of wintery precipitation as we go through the day on friday and especially later in the day and then as that system pulls away, colder air wraps in with what could be the coldest air mas we've seen since february of last year with subzero overnight lows and temperatures during the day only in the teens and low 20s.
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elevations may only make it to the single digits for highs on saturday and sunday. now here we go. for today. cold in itself but not quite as cold as it will be over the weekend with temperatures in the low 30s on the roanoke valley and figure in the wind and the teens and 20s all day. the midthurts will do it for us, blustery and cold heading into the south side with temperatures in the 30s to near 40 in spots and the new river valley seeing temperatures in the teens and 20s and feeling like single digits and teens for much of the day and into the highlands with the temperatures mainly in the 20s to make for the cold day with the persistent cold showers. cold today and colder as we go over the weekend and bundle up. it's very, very cold. kyle? >> kyle: thank you, jason. as always virginiafirst is your home for all things valley. coming up at the end of the
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friend coming up in >> kyle: if diamonds are a girls best friend, ladies, get buddy! ever! the canadian company that owns it held a public competition to find the perfect name. now its name means "our light" in the national language of batswanna is where they found
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>> it's too big for the conventional scanner used to determine a diamond's worth. you may wonder what the largest diamond ever found is. that's the 3100 carat diamond discovered in south africa in 1905. >> kyle: that's just a big rock. >> jason: like a snow ball. >> kyle: and many women expecting or hopping to be proposed to, not going to get a rock that big. it's just not going to happen. sorry. mozoltov anyway! virginia"! no more news for you this morning but see you back here
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